Oil changes are a must, and while this task cannot be ignored, you don’t have to pay a fortune every time you take your car in for an oil change because there are ways to save money, and the following guide will help you access a cheap oil change.

Research must be your first step because looking at different options will allow you to find a deal. If it seems like the price of oil changes every time you go to get one, it’s because it’s true, and these costs are only going to continue to increase, so you should always look for a deal. It’s also important that you understand your car and its needs because this will help you focus on the services it requires, and you will be able to avoid some of the sneaky marketing tactics that certain service centers will try to pull. Always take the time to read your car’s manual because this information will help you make informed decisions regarding maintenance.

Your manual will provide you with a recommended maintenance schedule and tell you the type of oil your car needs so that you don’t have to pay for unnecessary and expensive service costs. Understanding your car will provide you with savings, so don’t ignore this step.

Service sales reps will always try to persuade you that your car is in need of other services and will insist that you purchase extra add-ons. Knowing your car, however, will allow you to turn down these services, and you’ll be able to stick to just an oil change. Say no to any up-sells and keep a maintenance log so that you remember the services your car has received. Organization is key because this, too, will prevent you from spending money on services your car does not need.

In terms of finding a deal, you can check with both your dealership and a local service center to see who is offering you a better price for an oil change. Dealers will often throw in free oil changes as a perk when you show interest in buying a new car, so this is something you can take advantage of. Don’t be afraid to ask and to haggle a little bit and request that they throw in free oil changes with the purchase of your car. You should also look for package specials because many dealerships will offer bundled services at a discounted price, so keep your eye out for sweet deals.

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