There are a lot of assumptions when it comes to windshield repairs and replacement, and it’s important that you don’t fall for every myth you hear because this can lead to poor decisions and expensive bills. To prevent this from happening, you need the right information, and the following guide will debunk some of the most common windshield repair and replacement myths:

Minor Problems Don’t Really Need Repairs

This is absolutely false because minor chips and cracks always require repairs; otherwise, they will worsen, and the problem will become a lot more expensive and far more serious. The longer you wait for repairs, the larger these chips and cracks will grow, and you will have to pay for a full windshield replacement even if that was not originally necessary. If you ever detect minor chips or cracks, get them repaired right away because you’ll likely get away with simple and cheaper repairs.

DIY Windshield Repairs are Fine

While it may be tempting to fix this problem on your own, you will likely run into more problems because this will be a temporary fix, and the job will be of low quality. Inexperience and lack of training will cause you to make mistakes, and you may end up doing more harm than good, so it’s better to leave this task to the professionals so that you don’t damage your windshield further.

Insurance Premiums will Increase

Many people worry about their insurance costs and think that their premiums are going to increase if they file a claim for windshield repair or replacement. This is not always the case because it will depend on the insurance company’s policy, so don’t panic until you sort this out. There is a chance that your premiums will slightly increase, but these costs will be a lot lower than what you might think.

Windshield Repair or Replacement Services are Expensive

This, too, is completely false because while it may not be cheap, you will not have to empty out your bank account, and you can also look around for discounts. Costs will vary from one shop to another and will depend on the severity of the damage, but you will find that the fee is not outrageously expensive. Always call around to obtain quotes and compare the different rates you come across.

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