If you want your car to last a long time, you should make sure to regularly change your oil. This is the best and simplest way to keep your car’s engine happy for many years. Plus, oil changes aren’t too hard to do yourself, and are a great starting point if you’re interested in working on cars. However, the question is, will it be cheaper and better for your car in the long run?

An oil change needs a few basic things: new oil, an oil drain plug gasket, and an oil filter. The prices for each of these things do vary depending on what kind of car you have. The oil will depend on how many quarts or litres your car uses when it comes to the oil. As for the oil filter, it’s best to go to a parts department, tell them your make and model and let them get the right one for you. The oil change could charge about $40 for an oil change to do yourself with everything.

However, you should also think about the tools and equipment to do an oil change on your car properly. You will need a socket wrench and a socket to fit the drain plug of your car. Cheaper ones can run you about $10 and nicer ones go for $20. A large tool kit can cost around $150, and you will need to also purchase an oil pan to collect the oil for about $20.

Next, you’ll have to figure out how you want to lift your car up so that you can access your oil plug. You can get a car jack for around $250. This means that your first oil change on your own will cost you around $400 more or less. So now the question is if you should be doing it yourself after all.

No matter how simple the procedure is, there are many ways that it could go wrong. Many of these issues can be a result of carelessness and inadequate knowledge and training. One other common problem is that there is a possibility of over-tightening. When performing your first oil change, you will probably struggle to get the durian plug and oil filter off.

After all this, you might be wondering if it’s really worth it to do it yourself. You might instead want to just go to get a cheap oil change at your local mechanic shop. However, this isn’t a good idea either, as going for the cheaper end of the scale could crop up other issues with the quality of the job.

There are many low-quality oil change providers out there. You should look for a place that has a great reputation that provides high-quality oil changes, such as Optimum Auto, to help take care of your oil change with quality, speed and convenience.

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